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Business in Italy

Italy is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and it is a crucial crossroads for land, sea and air routes linking the North and South of Europe.
Thanks to its strategic placement, Italy makes it easy to reach the 396 million consumers of the other Union member countries and the 240 million consumers of North Africa and the Middle East.
Of all European countries Italy has the lowest start-up costs for the biotechnology sector, and takes second place for product testing in research and development, chemicals and electronics.

Structural reforms were introduced in the 1990s that allowed Italy to harmonise its regulatory, fiscal and incentive framework with European standards.
In particular, some major reforms were implemented in the labour, credit, energy and public administration markets.

The Italian market offers countless opportunities to businesses.
The acquisition of information regarding the Italian market and business opportunities with Italy is the first step that foreign operators must make in identifying areas and forms of investment in Italy.
Italtrade website allows immediate access to all information on the Italian market in the foreign operators business language.
Also, BusinessItalia website offers information in four different languages on opportunities for doing business and producing in Italy in light of these recent economic reforms.

For investment opportunities, Invitalia is a national reference point for foreign investors who want to expand or to set up a new business in Italy, by providing a full spectrum of services in all stages of the investment process, it is entrusted by the Italian government.
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