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Entry Visa

An entry visa is the authorization which enables to enter in Italy. It is a printed visa sticker that is attached on passport or other equivalent travel document.

Types of Visa
There are 20 types of entry visa: adoption, business, medical treatment, diplomatic, accompanying family member, sporting events, invitation, self-employment, employment, mission, religious grounds, re-entry, elective residence, family reunification, study, airport transit, transit, transport, tourism, and working holiday.

Pursuant to the Visa Code (EC Regulation no. 810/2009, which entered into effect on 05.04.2010) visas are divided into three main categories:
1. Uniform Schengen Visas (USV): Valid to move freely between Schengen countries.
These visas can be:
- Airport Transit (type A): obligatory only for citizens of some countries to transit through the international airports without entering to national territory.
- Transit (type B), type of visa abolished by the Visa Code. From 05.04.2010 Transit visas are all type C;
- Short-stays or travel visas (type C), valid for up to 90 days, for single or multiple entry.

2. Limited Territorial Validity Visas (LTV): these are only valid for the Schengen State whose representative issued the visa without any possibility of access or transit through the territory of any other Schengen States. They are issued solely for humanitarian reasons, or in the national interest, or under international obligations.

3. Long stays or "National" Visas (NV), which are only valid for visits that are longer than 90 days (type D), with one or more entries, in the territory of the Schengen State whose diplomatic mission issued the visa. Holders of type D visas are permitted to circulate freely in Schengen countries other than the issuing one for a period not more than 90 days for half-year and only if the visa is valid.
A visa is issued by the Italian Embassies in your country of origin or permanent residence.

You cannot apply for a visa or an extension of its validity while you are in Italy.
Entry visa for Italy

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