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European Union citizens

EU citizen entry is regulated by the Schengen Treaty which made it possible to build a common area of free movement among the members States with the elimination of border controls.

EU citizens who stay in Italy for a period not exceeding three months for visits, business, tourism and study, are exempt from a visa.
The only document necessary to entry in Italy, but is not need to show it, is ID card or passport.
Under the Decree of 26 July 2007 (Italian only) and the Legislative Decree no.32 of 28 February 2008 (Italian only) EU citizens should report their presence on Italian territory within 8 days after admission to the local Police authorities filling out the "Declaration of presence" form.

Find the Regional Police Authority
(list of regional Police authorities - inside any regional Police authorities links you can find a list of local Police authorities - Italian only)

EU citizens who wish to stay in Italy for a period exceeding 3 months, in according to Legislative Degree of 6 february 2007 (Italian only), should register with the local Anagrafe (population register of the place of residence) for the district they reside in.

Find the nearest registry office Anagrafe
(list of Italian municipalities from A to Z)

Documents needed for the registration:
- application form of registration request in the population register;
- ID card or passport;
- Italian Tax identification number;
- documents who attest that they work, study or be enrolled in training courses; alternatively documents that must be show to have sufficient financial resources as well as to be covered by a health insurance policy for the duration of one's stay in Italy.

The confirmation of the registration is confirmed by the certificate of registration in the population register issued by the Anagrafe.

For EU citizens who stay in a hotel, their presence is certificated by the hotel registration form at the time of arrival. The hotel will provide a copy of this form to the guest who can show it to police officers, if requested.

Remember that before leaving Italy the citizen should give notice of the departure to the Anagrafe office.
As from 8th August 2009 a new bill Law no. 94 of 15 July 2009 makes it a crime to enter or stay in Italy illegally. Therefore, foreign nationals caught entering or staying in Italy without permission commit the offence of illegal immigration, which is punishable by a fine ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 euros, and they are repatriated.
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