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Housing in Brazil

Renting Property

It is fairly easy to find property to rent in Brazil, and depending on your choice of location there is often a wide choice available. Brazilian rental properties can generally be found through estate agents' rental departments, in the classified sections of local papers or by word of mouth.

In Brazil "for rent" signs may be displayed on the property itself, either hanging from an apartment window or attached to the front gate of a house, most commonly bearing the word "Alugo". If the property is available for short let, (normally during the summer tourist season in coastal towns and cities) the sign will read "Alugo Temporada"
If the words "tratar com proprietário" figure on the sign this signifies that the owner must be contacted and dealt with personally; in these cases the strictly enforced rental requirements demanded by rental agencies may be by-passed and rental price and/or deposit can be negotiated.

Property rental websites

In Brazil there are a number of Estate Agents with national coverage and properties can be searched for by value, location or by type on property websites (usually in Portuguese) such as "Zap Imóveis" or "Brasil Classificados".

Daily newspapers are also particularly useful, for example the "Folha de São Paulo" in the state of São Paulo and the "A Tarde" newspaper in the state of Bahia have regularly updated websites that can be searched for rental properties. Search for "imóveis" in the "classificados" section.

It is possible to search for either a sale (venda) or rental (aluguel), by type of property (tipo de imóvel), maximum price (valor máximo), district (bairro) or city (cidade).
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Buying a House or Property in Brazil

In Brazil, only estate agents are authorised to participate in real estate transactions. The profession has been recognised and regulated by national legislation since the 1960s. Only the property owner and the estate agent can do business in this segment, within Brazilian territory.

All foreigners may acquire real estate in Brazil.

There are no restrictions to these investments, both in terms of amounts invested or in the number of real estate units held.
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Important:There are restrictions regarding real estate located in rural areas or on borders with other countries. In order to buy real estate in a rural area, the purchaser will need to be a resident of Brazil. Foreigners may not purchase land on the seashore or within 150 Km of international borders without special governmental authorisation.
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