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For foreigners who live in Brazil, besides the visa that will guarantee its entrance in the country, it is mandatory to have the following Brazilian documents: Foreigners Identification Card (RNE), Individual Taxpayers' Roll (CPF), Work and Social Security Card (CTPS), if necessary, in accordance with Brazilian laws. If the person wants to drive, the Brazilian traffic legislation must be obeyed and the necessary authorization must be obtained.

Foreigners Identification Card (RNE)
It is an identification document of foreigners who come to Brazil to live, either temporarily or permanently. This document must be obtained within 30 days as from the person's arrival in the country, together with the visa. The person must carry the original document, especially in domestic and international trips, under penalty of filing and fine. In cases where the definitive RNE is not issued, it can be replaced by the record or its registration and the passport.

Income Tax ID Number - Ministry of Finance (CPF/MF)
The Individual Taxpayers' Roll of the Treasure Department is a registration of all people who can or cannot pay income tax, in accordance with the Brazilian taxation legislation. Besides that, the CPF is important for basic everyday operations, such as the issuance of a check. This document has become reference and identification for financial or monetary transactions and, based on this number, commercial places verify whether a check issuer has credit or if he is in debt.
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