What types of visas exist?

The following types may be granted by the Brazilian Consular posts:

1. Tourist Visas
2. Business Visas
3. Work Visas
4. Exchange Student
5. Student Visas
6. Missionary Visas
7. Permanent Visas: Family Reunion
8. Permanent Visas: Researches, Foreign Investors and Senior Executives
9. Permanent Visas: Retired Persons
10. Scientific Research Visas: Vitem1
11. Visas for Artists or Athletes
12. Voluntary Work

To entry in Brazil it's obligatory that you go to the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Control Service and Issuance of Travel Documents and make the visa request online.

There you have to choose which type of visa you want. Click on the link bellow:
Request online

Click on the link bellow and you will find the procedures and legislation for a request for work permits.
Procedure guide
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