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What types of visas exist?

The following types may be granted by the Brazilian Consular posts:

1. Tourist Visas
2. Business Visas
3. Work Visas
4. Exchange Student
5. Student Visas
6. Missionary Visas
7. Permanent Visas: Family Reunion
8. Permanent Visas: Researches, Foreign Investors and Senior Executives
9. Permanent Visas: Retired Persons
10. Scientific Research Visas: Vitem1
11. Visas for Artists or Athletes
12. Voluntary Work

To entry in Brazil it's obligatory that you go to the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Control Service and Issuance of Travel Documents and make the visa request online.

There you have to choose which type of visa you want. Click on the link bellow:
Request online

Click on the link bellow and you will find the procedures and legislation for a request for work permits.
Procedure guide
Tourist Visa more
Tourist Visa fees more
Business Visa more
Important notes of Business Visa more
Work Visa more
Work visa fees more
Exchange Student - Temporary Stay Visa I more
Student visa more
Visas for Missionaries - Temporary Visa Vitem VII more
Permanent Visas: Family Reunion more
Permanent Visas: Researchers, Foreign Investors and Senior Executives more
Permanent Visas: Retired Persons more
Scientific Research Visas: Item I more
Visas for Artists or Athletes more
Volunteer Work - Temporary Visa more
IMPORTANT: All visa applications should be instructed personally by the interested in the Consulate/Embassy of Brazil in the area of your residence. A proof of residence should be presented. Requests from foreign who don't reside legally in the country of origin are not accepted.
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