Croatia is a small country located at the junction of Central and Southeastern Europe. It stretches from the Pannonian Plain in the east, between the rivers Drava and Sava to the west, Dinaric Mountains in the central region, to the coast of the Adriatic sea.

Croatia is a member of the European Union since 01.07.2013., which became the eastern border of EU with Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Croatian economy is a medium-developed and deployed according to the geographical characteristics of the east dominated by agriculture, the west manufacturing and trade, and by tourism on the south.

The four largest cities have their own universities (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek) so that they are the most frequent destinations of immigrants in Croatia. The majority of the population speaks a foreign language so it's not a big problem for immigrants to communicate with domicile people. The predominant is English language (75 %), followed by German, Italian, Hungarian and others. Knowledge of Croatian language significantly facilitates expatriation and increases the possibility of finding a job.

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