Information about France

France Republic is the largest country in Western Europe with a metropolitan France area of 543,965 km2 with a vast maritime zone, up to 675.417 km² with the overseas départements (DOM).
France has over 62 million of inhabitants in metropolitan France and Paris is the capital.
The official currency is Euro.

The traditionally France administration was modified by the Decentralization laws in 1982-1983. Since then, central government has shared some of its responsibilities with territorial communities.
The French territory is organized as follows :
- Regions (22 in metropolitan France and 5 overseas - Guadalupa, Martinica, Guyana, Riunione, Mayotte);
- Administrative Departments (96 in metropolitan France and 5 overseas);
- Town Halls.

In the Region, you will find the Regional Council and the DIRECCTE office, that provide information about work and employment.

The Administrative Department is the smaller part of a region. In all departments there is a capital.
Here you will find a Prefecture office that provides services about delivering of ID cards and passports, management of resident permits for foreigners and other territory services.

France is the fifth largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. In Europe it is third, behind Germany and the United Kingdom. Growth is mainly based on the construction and public works sector and services. France is also the largest agricultural producer in Europe.
France has several companies in capitalization market followed by banks and insurance companies, but it suffers from a lack of small and mid-sized firms.