About Japan

Japan is located in the east of the main Asian continent.
Close neighbors are North- and South-Korea, China, Taiwan and Russia.
Beside 6800 islands the 4 main islands are:
- Hokkaido
- Honshu
- Shikoku
- Kyushu

With around 377.000 square kilometers Japan is slightly bigger than Germany but smaller than California.
Due to a mountainous and high density forests only one fourth of the landscape is habitable.

Due to 3.800 km of total length of Japan very different climate zones occur. In the north of Japan (Hokkaido) the weather is rather subarctic. In the winter there is a lot snow and the summers are relatively cool. In contrast the climate zone of the most southern Island Okinawa has got subtropical character.

The capital city of Japan is Tokyo.
The city region of Tokyo is with around 36 million habitants one of the biggest worldwide.

Unfortunately Japan is also famous for many natural dangers as earthquakes, Tsunamis and Taihuns. Before you plan to live in Japan make sure how to react in case of emergency.

The official currency is YEN
At the moment 100 YEN correspond to 0,92 or 1.20$*